Gord McLeod

Gord McLeod

Journalist, Fiction Author

I write science and tech news for GeekBeat.TV and This Week in Science, and contribute to One Man's Blog. I also write science fiction, fantasy and horror at Fiction Improbable.

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Cali Lewis and GeekBeat.TV Take it to the Next Level!

If you are a regular reader of my blog, then you know who Cali Lewis is. Not only is she a great friend and co-host of the WealthNation.FM podcast, but she's a...

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Ali Spagnola Wins Power Hour Legal Battle For Your Right to Party

Internet pop star Ali Spagnola spent 3 years and $30,000 fighting for the right of people to party, or at least to play one particular party drinking game, and...


8 Awesome Advances in Medical Technology

Sometimes I think we live in the future. The advances we've seen in medical technology just in the last year are staggering, mind-boggling; they're things you'd...

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Brian Brushwood’s Scam School Taps the Digital Bookshelf

Brian Brushwood is not human. At least, this is something I have come to believe. He calls himself a practitioner of bizarre magic, but this is super-clever cod...

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Tips For a Crazy New Year’s Eve

Ahhh, 2012, it seems like we hardly knew you, and I'm sorry to say that many people won't be sad to see you go. But that's no reason we can't celebrate New Year's Eve. In fact, it may be even more reason to celebrate. So why not celebrate in style?...